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Solar Powered | 4 Pieces | Zero Operating Cost

Reduce the risk of a snake bite! Protect your family and pets from dangerous snake by getting these snake repellers! Australia is populated with some beautiful wildlife including Eastern Brown Snake, Inland Taipan and

Mainland Tiger Snake that can be harmful to us if we are not careful.

Made for weatherproof and UV resistant, these solar powered snake repellers are capable to repell snakes without harming them by emitting sonic pulse and vibration through ground. You can easily set up multiple repellers to provide a barrier around your house. They are also portable to bring along to your camping trip for peace of mind.
Suitable for your garden, yard, farm and orchard, these snake repellers are powered by a rechargeable NI-MH battery which is charged by a solar panel, enabling a full operating all night.

Note: This product is effective on reducing the risk of snake encounter. However, it does not replace taking other precautions such as cutting long grass and wearing appropriate footwear and clothing while you are at outside area.


High quality heavy duty ABS plastic

Emit both sonic pulse and vibration technology

Solar powered w/ rechargeable replaceable NI-MH battery (Included)

Weatherproof and UV resistant

Wireless and convenient

Safe and humane

No poision and chemicals

Zero operating cost

Suitable for garden, yard, farm and orchard


Effective range: 706 square meter per repeller

Power supply: Solar panel 4V/80mah

Rechargeable battery: 1.2V/ 600mAH AA Ni-MH

Solar panel: Amorphous silicon

Frequency: 400Hz +/- 50Hz

Panel size: 9 x 9cm

Charging time: 8 hours

IP rating: 44

Package Content

4 x Snake Repeller

1 x User Manual


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