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Poly round rainwater tanks melbourne prices

model/CapacityDimension (mm)Price
Poly Round 500Lt800 Diameter x 1250 Height$370
Poly Round 700Lt700 Diameter x 2030 Height$395
Poly Round 1050Lt880 Diameter x 1880 Height$475
Poly Round 2000Lt1250 Diameter x 1650 Height$565
Poly Round 3000Lt1500 Diameter x 1950 Height$696
Poly Round 3500Lt1500 Diameter x 2150 Height$750
Poly Round 4000Lt1600 Diameter x 2200 Height$850
Poly Round 5000Lt1750 Diameter x 2300 Height$895

Poly Slimline rainwater tanks melbourne prices

model/CapacityDimension (mm)price
Poly Slimline 2000Lt Standard2000length x 620width x 2000height$850
Poly Ultra Slim 2000Lt2400length x 565width x 2000height$850
Poly slim 2000Lt Lowline2900length x 750width x 1200height$860
Poly Slim 2100Lt Lowline2500length x 750width x 1550height$860
Poly Slimline 2500Lt Standard2180length x 680width x 2150height$960
Poly Slimline 3000Lt Standard2350length x 780width x 2200height$1,050
Poly Ultra Slimline 3000Lt2900length x 650width x 2000height$1,060
Poly Slimline 3000Lt short2100length x 880width x 2200height$1,060
Poly Slimline 4000Lt Standard2750length x 810width x 2250height$1,380
Poly Slimline 5000Lt Standard2995length x 1000width x 2200height$1,635
all colourbond colour available

Poly Slimline rain water tanks

Poly Round rainwater tanks

Rain Water tanks, An easy way to achieve green and environmental protection

On the one hand, with the growth of the population and the improvement of living standards, freshwater resources are becoming more and more tense. On the other hand, a lot of rainwater is wasted in vain. It is very important for families around the world to install water collection tanks in the garden to make full use of rainwater, an extremely precious resource.
In Australia, especially Melbourne, because there may be a long time interval between two rains, water for gardens and car washes may be restricted. Everyone can benefit from installing rainwater tanks. The government also encourages people to install water collection tanks.
Melburnians like to take care of their gardens. Water is a large part of the cost of planting. The use of water collection tanks to collect rainwater can not only reduce your dependence on municipal water, but also your contribution to the use of earth resources.

Garden Joy rainwater tanks melbourne

Wide product range

We provide a range of water tanks systems to choose from, plastic rainwater tanks for underground or ground use, round or slimline water tanks, we have them all. All our ploy water tanks come in a variety of colors, including various shades of green, blue, black and white. We have also ensured that our rainwater tanks are available in various sizes so that you can choose the right water tank according to your needs. Start installing water tanks today to help protect the environment!

Quality and durability

Our water tanks is made of the highest quality materials. We ensure that the products our customers get are strong and stable. In order to express our belief in the high quality and durability of the water tank, you will get a real 10-year warranty. Our website is a good place to buy a water tank which can last for many years, which can collect rainwater from hundreds of showers and storms.

best price

In addition, the price of each water tank and its installation costs are also very affordable, because we believe that everyone should be allowed to have their own rain water tanks on their own property without having to spend a lot of money. We only sell water tanks that people are willing to pay for! You will have an efficient system to collect all the rainwater you need, thereby effectively reducing water bills and optimizing how the substance is used throughout the home.